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Yes! even the eggs have to be Jek (Clorox/water bath)

What we take for granted in the U.S. is not what is real life here in Nigeria – All vegetables and fruits we buy at the market (out door markets) have to be washed in soapy water – rinsed and then soaked in a clorox/water bath for 15 minutes.  We don’t drink the water from the tap- we use a filtration system that we drink from.  We do shower with the water in the system.  We brush our teeth with bottle water that we keep in the bathroom ( or else we would forget and use the tap water). The kitchen is very small and so two people cannot be in there at the same time and by my vote Brent is the King of the kitchen and he does a spectacular job.  I think he has inherited his mom’s ability to cook and make it taste good.  I do the jeking and he does most of the cooking.  It truly is a team effort.

water for the teeth – no shelves – so guess what the bottle sits on?

Every day life for the Wingets


Life is not dull here in Nigeria. We have had many opportunities to be of service and learn more about the way of life in Nigeria.  The particular Saturday we are talking about was August 18, 2012.  At the 6:30 am we met at the Church to do a service project.
The Area Presidency set up what was called “All Africa Day”.  Which meant all church members were to be of  service for free.  To go to areas and clean them up.  Each ward, branch, stake and district had an area assigned to go and clean.  Anyway, we were assigned a medical clinic ( here in lagos all medical facilities are called Hospitals). You have to understand that the standards of clean and dirty is a different terminalogy than we understand.  The hospital was about 30 minutes away – when we arrived the hospital was all walled in but the grounds were full of trash – old cars, car parts, garbage, dirty diapers, clothes, shoes, everything you can think of was on the grounds.  Yes we did wear gloves! What it looked like was everyone just stepped out the door threw their trash in the yard. In the U.S. the clinic would have been closed down.  We finished about 10:00am  there was probably 50 people.  We forgot our camera so the other couple has pictures they will give us so we can post.  Leading up to that day – the News and TV stations did a press conference at our Stake Center.  We were interviewed by the TV station and several members saw us on TV but of course we didn’t see it. Wait there is more. Because we were close to our apartment we could drive ourselves.  If it is a questionable area or more than a half hour away we have to have a Nigerian to drive us.  We use our car but he drives.  Anyway a little excitement keeps your heart pumping, on our way home we took the wrong turn and so to get on the right road we followed another car that went on a road under the freeway  Brent and I were in the front and the Jennings (the other couple  here)were in the back seat in seat belts.  While going under the freeway some of the highway police  about 6 of them(which are very corrupt) stopped us and wanted us to roll down our window and get out.  We had been warned about this could happen.  So with Brent trying to wind his window down he hit the car lock and one of the police tried to get in the back.  Sister Jennings was on the side he tried to get in. She refused to move and so he was trying to sit on her by this time Brent was backing up and we were telling hm to get out of our car. The policeman said your running over my foot so we said get out.  Finally he gave up and got out and we just drove away very quickly.  We were all saying WOW! that was an experience.  The Lord does protect us. Sorry we had no picture of that either.

An exciting Saturday in Lagos