Hurrah! We are off to the MTC – first day – May 28,2012

 As we walked in on Monday – we felt very very new and at the same time very very old.  Of course we were there early and so we had time to see many of the young single missionaries going from building to building and class to class.

I will have to admit I was very nervous not knowing what to expect.  That first week we were taught “Preach My Gospel”  by returned Missionaries.  And we were truly taught – these instructors were inspired and knew how to teach and love investigators into the gospel.  The first day we were divided up into districts – there were 5 couples in our district – we became very familiar with each other and we were all assigned different missions in the US and the world.  That week surely humbled me -especially- about how much did I really know about the gospel and could I share it.  We had plenty of time to reflect and we were blessed to remember with our hearts.

We stayed at home that week and traveled to Provo daily.  Of course I had not really packed and so it fortunately gave me time to decide  I can’t believe I changed what I was taking so many times.

But the best part were all the shots we had to have at the MTC.  We thought we had most of what we needed before we entered MTC.  But we soon found out that we were not completely informed and so the process began.  On May 30th – Brent and I had the following shots – yellow fever – typhoid- polio – meningococcal – Hep A booster for me – Hep A&B booster for Brent.  The best part of it all was the price – Wow! $704 – we needed to sit down for that news.  We were the talk  at the MTC- no one had paid that much in a long time.  We would like to not have but we did it and still in sticker shock.  Thank goodness for savings.

Our time at the MTC was cut short by 2 days because of travel arrangements. So our last day was a Wednesday instead of Friday

Hurrah ! Our first day leaving for MTC – May 28, 2012

Our final destination – Lagos, Nigeria


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