Changes with Couple Missionaries and Mission President



Left to right – Elder Tim Jennings, Sister Dianne Jennings, Elder Elwood Brown, Sister Penelope Brown, and of course us.


The Johansen’s are in the center with Pres. and Sis Karkari on the right – The Jennings on the left and of course Brent in the middle

Our good friends and fellow servants – Sister Janice Baker and Elder Mark Baker

Since we have arrived in the Lagos Mission there has been a few changes.  The Johansen’s ,(from Huntsville,Utah) the office couple, returned home early due to health issues. They were a very sweet couple – this was their 3rd mission here in Nigeria. The Bakers, PEF specialists, finished their mission and return to Canada.  We have had a lot of fun and played a lot of table games with them. Super couple. We will miss them.  The Jennings (from Layton) took the Bakers place. We have had many experiences with them – fun – fun- fun.  Then the Browns (from Los Angeles) came about 3 weeks ago – they are the new office couple – they are a lot of fun too.   The unfortunate situation is that Pres. Karkari  ( he went back to Ghana) had to take a leave for a few months due to health issues.


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