Yes! Nigeria here we come


 We arrived in Lagos, Nigeria 24 hours after we left Salt Lake City.  Of course there is a 7 hour difference.  When we left Atlanta after somewhat of a delay, we noticed most of the passengers were Nigerian. Presuming they were going home. After 11 1/2 hours flying time – the plane started to desend for landing.  The plane became somewhat quiet but when we touched down the whole plane started cheering and yelling and clapping.  We thought they were happy to be home.  But later we found that two weeks before had been a bad plane crash in Lagos – so everyone was cheering because we landed safely. Of course so were we.  But the adventures just began.  We were the first people in line to go through customs, but because we were white they held onto our passports and eventually everyone had gone through customs but us.  So we had to go from counter to counter to get our passport finally an hour and 1/2  later we got it so we could get our luggage.  It is a very confusing unorganized terminal.  But we were lucky enough Elder & Sister Baker came to get us. Usually no one can come into the terminal but because they know Elder Baker they let him come in and help us get our luggage.  Then we had to pull our luggage to the parked car – There were shoulder to shoulder people in the parking lot (a dirt parking lot) and everyone wanted us to exchange our US dollars for Nigerian Nera but we just kept walking.  A man approached us saying he was the police and that we had to pay him before we could leave the paking area.  Sister Baker said to him “you are not the police – you don’t have a uniform – so we will not pay”  She told us to just get in the car and ignore him” Wow that was a little nerve racking.  We had a long drive to the Mission Home where our Apartment is because of traffic.  Traffic is undescribable – two lanes with 4 cars across, a majority not on the road but on the shoulders.  We are probably only inches from each other – all the way.  Finally we reached the Mission Home Compound.  It is completely walled in gates with guards to let us in.. The grounds are beautiful well manicured.  When we drove up Pres & Sis Karkari, Elder & Sister Johnansen, two office Elders were there to meet us.  Such a wonderful warm welcome.  Now there are 6 white Missionaries in the Nigeria Missions – 4 missions altogether.  Then up to our apartment, everyone helping us carry our luggage.  The apartment is very nice – it is small but clean and bug free (as of right then). We are on the second floor in 202.  The Bakers and Johansen’s and Karkari’s are on the 3rd floor.  Of course no elevators because the electricity goes out at 5-6 times a day and who would want to be stuck in an elevator.  We will get good exercise.  It is only 2 flights of stairs.  Our apartment was made so comfortable and homey – there was some food in the fridge, canned food and we were invited to the Presidents apartment for dinner.  How much better could it get.  Just a couple of rules we need to remember. Only drink bottled water and water from the filter not out of the tap.  You can shower and do laundry with tap water.  The stove is gas but must be lighted with a lighter. We even have a stackable washer and dryer and a TV.  This is pretty classy.  Be must be in the building by dark because the Malaria mosquitos come out at night until dawn and of course the malaria ones are female. Also for other safety reasons we stay in at night.  The story will continue,. but a few pictures first..

Brent meeting Pres. KarKari for first time

outside our apartment with Sister Baker – Elder Engman – Elder Ghunney and one tired me – up almost 36 hours.

meeting the Johansen’s & Sister Karkari


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