Yes! even the eggs have to be Jek (Clorox/water bath)

What we take for granted in the U.S. is not what is real life here in Nigeria – All vegetables and fruits we buy at the market (out door markets) have to be washed in soapy water – rinsed and then soaked in a clorox/water bath for 15 minutes.  We don’t drink the water from the tap- we use a filtration system that we drink from.  We do shower with the water in the system.  We brush our teeth with bottle water that we keep in the bathroom ( or else we would forget and use the tap water). The kitchen is very small and so two people cannot be in there at the same time and by my vote Brent is the King of the kitchen and he does a spectacular job.  I think he has inherited his mom’s ability to cook and make it taste good.  I do the jeking and he does most of the cooking.  It truly is a team effort.

water for the teeth – no shelves – so guess what the bottle sits on?

Every day life for the Wingets


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