Changes with Couple Missionaries and Mission President



Left to right – Elder Tim Jennings, Sister Dianne Jennings, Elder Elwood Brown, Sister Penelope Brown, and of course us.


The Johansen’s are in the center with Pres. and Sis Karkari on the right – The Jennings on the left and of course Brent in the middle

Our good friends and fellow servants – Sister Janice Baker and Elder Mark Baker

Since we have arrived in the Lagos Mission there has been a few changes.  The Johansen’s ,(from Huntsville,Utah) the office couple, returned home early due to health issues. They were a very sweet couple – this was their 3rd mission here in Nigeria. The Bakers, PEF specialists, finished their mission and return to Canada.  We have had a lot of fun and played a lot of table games with them. Super couple. We will miss them.  The Jennings (from Layton) took the Bakers place. We have had many experiences with them – fun – fun- fun.  Then the Browns (from Los Angeles) came about 3 weeks ago – they are the new office couple – they are a lot of fun too.   The unfortunate situation is that Pres. Karkari  ( he went back to Ghana) had to take a leave for a few months due to health issues.


Borehole pictures I forgot


LDS Charities put in this borehole but the government took it over got rid of our sign and put their sign on the storage tank. It has been poorly taken care of.

the picture of the Borehole the government took over was not on the last post.  I forgot to put it on.  Its the pits getting old…